Create Sales-Ready Buyers with Marketing Interactions

Ardath Albee

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It should come as no surprise that your B2B marketing content and nurturing programs are being tapped to provide value farther across the buying process. In fact, many of you are now tasked with moving prospects to that nirvana called sales readiness—before salespeople ever see them. Because B2B buyers can now push sales activities to whenever they're ready, your funnel may be longer than your pipeline. This reality layers additional responsibility on the marketing team, but it also leaves salespeople somewhat at odds. You see, when company's had a hold on critical information their buyers needed to learn how to solve their problems, a salesperson gained entry to the relationship a lot earlier. They got to know their prospects and helped them navigate the tricky waters of considered purchase decisions. The salesperson with the best relationship usually won the deal.... (more)

What To Do When E-Marketing Engagement Levels Drop

I've been doing a lot of thinking about how marketers can optimize their lead engagement to deliver more opportunity-prone prospects to their sales departments. A growing number of B2B marketers have marketing automation technology to help them track, score and connect better than ever with their lead database. Discovering who your hottest prospects are and getting them to sales at exactly the right moment is becoming easier. This is a great thing for both quantifying marketing efforts and for generating higher alignment with sales, but what I'm wondering is what happens when t... (more)

Screaming Louder Won't Help

When the economy trends down, it’s challenging enough to address people’s uncertainty and concerns. Buyers tend to hunker down and avoid anything that isn’t already a project in progress, sometimes even standing by while those projects shut down in mid-stage. You may start to notice a drop off in responses to your email campaigns. This can lead to a bit of uncertainty of your own in regards to your ability to maintain marketing effectiveness during the economic downturn. Often, in our tendency to respond to this perceived dip in prospect interest, we up our instances of email co... (more)

Lessons Learned from Using Marketing Automation

There's a new report out from Demand Gen Report, sponsored by Manticore Technology, that reveals the reflections of 53 marketing executives who are using marketing automation systems. As the use of these systems is estimated at only 10% of the overall B2B market, these insights from the trenches will help both vendors and customers prepare for the best outcomes. The benefits from automating marketing programs can be many. In fact, given the role of the Internet in today's complex purchasing process, it's almost impossible to operate in a customer-centric fashion without it. This ... (more)

Sales Executive Enablement - From the Trenches

This week, I've been covering my learnings from the SAVO Group Summit. You can also read my post on John Aiello's Introduction of Fluency and Scott Santucci's escalating the sales conversation. Today, I'd like to share some insights from the trenches. The summit invited company representatives to share their experiences with sales enablement. They had interesting things to share, so here's my take: Tom Chamberlain, Director of Sales Readiness for Aspect Tom spoke candidly about the fact that salespeople will tell you about what they want, but to be very cognizant of the fact that the... (more)